Doll Orders

Thank you for your interest in Amamanta Family Dolls!

Int'l. Credit Card order processing: You may or may not be able to process an order with a credit card (c.c.) that has been issued by a bank outside U.S.A.  My online merchant c.c. processor evaluates the risk according to your information and statistical country risk in their secure servers. For example, regularly I can accept c.c. from Canada. If you are successful at placing an order you will receive an automatic e-mail from

Electronic Wire Transfer as payment: You will need to go to your local bank and request an international wire transfer. Your cost for using this payment method is $10 (my cost for receiving a wire, your bank may charge a small fee too).
1- You will need to send an e-mail to:

with your order (please use the doll's product codes right above shopping cart in the Dolls Order Page). I will also need your complete delivery address so I can calculate the shipping of your handmade dolls. I will reply to your email with the total (order + shipping* + $10 bank wire charge) amount that your bank should make the wire transfer.  If this is acceptable to you, confirm your order by replying and I will send you my bank info for you to make the payment.
Notice there is $10 cost added because it's what my bank charges me for accepting int'l. wire transfers. All transactions are in U.S. dollars and the wire should be made in U.S. dollars for the total amount agreed. Notice that your local bank might or might not charge you a small fee for making a wire transfer. After sending me the wire transfer, please e-mail me so I am in the look out for your payment.

*Shipping: The automatic shipping charge when placing a successful c.c. order applies for domestic, continental U.S.A. (I sometimes need to adjust up to cover the shipping cost for Alaska or Hawaii) For int'l. shipping we use the United States Post Office (more economical than UPS). We insure all packages for the actual value of the dolls and we get a tracking number for your package. We charge the actual cost of sending you the package. Notice that your country might have customs regulations regarding receiving foreign packages, and some might apply a fee to you. I will clearly label "Handmade cloth dolls" and the declared and insured value in the custom form I need to fill out will be the order amount.

Never send c.c. information over e-mail to anybody, it's not safe.

I reserve the right to cancel any order. You will be notified by e-mail and there will be no charge.

For questions or comments please e-mail (English or Spanish):
OneWorld, Inc.