Child Therapy with Anatomically Detailed Amamanta Dolls

Amamanta dolls may be used by skilled child welfare specialists in order to:

Encourage child’s self-expression, discovery and needs

• Help child cope with sibling rivalry issues by demonstrating examples with dolls

• Investigate suspected sex abuse, child abuse or molestation

• Serve as an aid for therapy in sexual abuse cases

• Aid forensic investigations, discovery and courtroom testimony

• Educate children and people with learning disabilities about sex

• Discover domestic issues affecting the child  

Doulas and Midwifes, benefit in their practice from the use of our dolls by using them for sibling preparation for expecting families who will be including young children in their births.  

Anatomically-correct Dolls for child therapy

Amamanta Family provides an ideal tool for parents, educators, health care providers, child psychologist, 
therapists, doulas and midwifes.

Attractive stuffed cloth dolls depicting the child environment of important people like the family, siblings, grandparents, stepparents, teenagers, even strangers and friends in other dolls makes the Amamanta  doll families ideal for role playing and emotional discovery of the child concerns in the hands of a qualified child welfare professional.  



Problem                  Solution                  Outcome

Sibling rivalry / Child jealousy

Role playing with Amamanta to manage expectations & change

Your child becomes your ally. He understands more his new role &  you can instill pride in your child to “help” parents in the task of being caretakers of newborn

Explaining where babies come from

Amamanta families are toys that kids understand. Playing with anatomically correct dolls offers the right set and setting for parent and child interaction to educate your son or daughter on human reproductive cycle, sexuality, social skills, “good and bad” touching, etc.

Child has the chance to understand at her/his comfort level the facts of life, and what’s appropriate and socially accepted. By parent having these conversations both educator and child can confidently address important issues that otherwise becomes taboo or are left to child curiosity.

Elder sibling feels left aside or tries to compete for mother’s attention

Playing with dolls promotes healthy human interactivity and provides a sounding board for parents to hear the emotional needs of the child. It’s a playful way for children to express their feelings. Parents can anticipate concerns and have the opportunity to address them early on.

Older brother or sister becomes integrates in the upbringing of newborn and helps to the family unity because is not threatened and understands his place in the larger family. Child becomes cooperative, understanding and shares responsibilities of care and love with all members.

Explaining the difference between boys and girls

Amamanta dolls are anatomically correct allowing parents to explain sexual differences in their terms

Amamanta dolls are a true honest representation of the family the child is member of.