Child Testimony with Anatomically Detailed Amamanta Dolls


Amamanta anatomically correct dolls are currently being used by child advocacy centers and organizations across the country including Parents for Meganís Law.

The anatomical details featured on Amamanta dolls are especially helpful in child testimony cases involving physical and sexual abuse.

Amamanta anatomically correct dolls include realistic genital depictions such as:

boy with penis and anus,

man with penis including pubic hair and anus,

girl with anus and vagina, and

woman with breasts, anus, and pubic hair on vagina.

Amamanta anatomical dolls come with removable underwear, shoes, and clothing. Garments include velcro which make it easier for childrenís hands to handle the removal and placement of clothing.

These anatomically correct dolls vary in size to depict infant, children and adults so they are especially ideal props for use in abuse assessments, investigative interviewing and testimony accounts. Through associative role-play led by a professional, children can more easily identify themselves as the smaller sized dolls and can relate the larger dolls to adults.

Amamanta anatomical dolls represent human diversity through a variety of eye, skin and hair color tones, ethnicities, and age groups to make it easier for a child to describe the appearance of the abusive perpetrator. Doll varieties include the following:


            Hispanic light skin

            Hispanic dark skin

            African-American light skin

            African-American dark skin



            Strangers, AKA "perpetrators" or "Jack & Jill". 

            Pregnant adolescents

            Life size infants or newborns to use as props in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), medical malpractice, etc.

Here are some general tips and resources for using these anatomical dolls:

Fully clothed Amamanta anatomically correct dolls can be handled by the child to indicate general body parts and illustrate the removal of clothing

Undressed Amamanta anatomical dolls can be handled by the child to indicate genital areas and how he/she was touched

Role-playing with Amamanta anatomical dolls can help the child describe the extent of touching of body parts

Use a variety of Amamanta dolls to help the child describe how the perpetrator looks

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We encourage you to let us know about additional tips and resources that are helpful in using anatomical dolls in child testimony. By sharing helpful information we can all do our part in achieving child safety justice.

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