Amamanta Family Mission

The mission of the Amamanta Family is to help promote the principles of healthy family values across all cultures for a more unified and loving world. The idea is to instill good and healthy principles in kids at an early age.  Amamanta Family helps bring families together through the sheer joy of playing and learning simultaneously.

  Amamanta Family Social Conscience Project 
& Fair Trade

The Amamanta Family organization provides job opportunities for many mothers in Medellin, Colombia. Many of our talented craftspeople are plagued by poverty or on the verge of becoming homeless along with their families. Amamanta Family works with Programa de Desarrollo y Generación de Empleo del Municipio de La Ceja, Antioquia (La Ceja’s Borough Development plan) and it recruits the mothers of children that live in the streets or are temporarily sheltered by the Salesian Order through the Bosconia Program. The focus of Amamanta Family is to create a supportive network of women that bond together to improve their living situation through honest work and skills development. By purchasing the Amamanta Family set of dolls you can feel proud of supporting a humanitarian cause that helps people help themselves through the creation of a handmade product that depicts the true beauty of being human. 

On behalf of this special group of women from Medellin Colombia, we thank you for making a difference and helping empower the most disadvantaged. Through our efforts and the moral consciousness of responsible consumers like you, we strive to create opportunities where individuals can overcome adversity.  

Amamanta Family values and celebrates the different cultures around the world. That's why our doll designs represent more than 10 different races and cultures. The multicultural doll collection includes: Colombian, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Guatemalan, Ethiopian, Indian, Swiss, Hispanic and Spaniard. 

The unique variety of folkloric outfits makes these dolls more culturally relevant to you --the adopting family! Dolls came in every-day contemporary full clothing including removable doll cloths like: underwear, doll braw, doll shoes and a doll sling so that little baby doll can be breastfed, nursed and be carried by the mother doll. 

Amamanta Family of Anatomically-detailed Stuffed Dolls

  Amamanta Family is an educational set of anatomically detailed dolls.  The dolls include anatomical details such as stitched on genitals and breasts. This means that the child will find the dolls ­true to life and see themselves as naturally complete and OK. They are ideal for explaining the human reproductive cycle, how babies are conceived and born, breastfeeding, sexual education and demonstrating appropriate versus inappropriate touching in boys and girls ages 3 to 10.  Parents can use Amamanta anatomically correct dolls as a tool to educate their children prevent or reduce the incidence of sexual molestation or being abused.  Dolls come complete with underwear, clothes and shoes. 

  Amamanta family cloth dolls are soft and cuddly and consist of the mother doll, the father doll, the sibling dolls: a son and/or a daughter dolls and a newborn baby doll. This newborn little doll can be stuffed in the mother’s belly and comes out of the mothers navel to demonstrate birth to the child.  Amamanta is an ideal interactive set of dolls for role play with your children and a insightful discovery tool to explore your child’s mindset, perspective, emotional conflicts, worries or fears. A responsible parent or child therapist can clear or addressed the child issues once these surface through playing.

  Amamanta dolls are also an ideal tool for explaining pregnancy and the arrival of a new sibling to a young child. Changes that “mommy” is going through in her pregnancy, the birth process and the needs of the newborn (i.e.: nursing can also be addressed.). The parent can manage the expectations of the child by explaining the changes in the parent’s roles as a new baby arrives, as well as the new brother/sister role that the child can embrace. Amamanta dolls can help the child learn her/his new role of caring and protecting sister/brother through role-playing with parents. This can help in prevent sibling rivalry and jealous sentiments as the child adjusts to the arrival of a newborn. Other changes affecting the family and the child can be explained and rehearsed through role playing with these wholesome dolls.

  Amamanta anatomically correct families of dolls have infinite use possibilities for parents, educators, child therapists, health care professionals and sexual abuse prevention and treatment centers. It’s an interactive, role-playing tool that potentially allows teaching and open discussion about family issues and changes --in a natural, wholesome playful way.

  Amamanta is also a wholesome doll prop for teaching your children values and instilling good principles at an early age. And a concerned parent can even use role-play with the child and the dolls as an alternative to a bed time story: This technique may help discover and resolve the issues affecting the child during the day.

  Amamanta Family is a concept created right from the very beginning. They are hand-made with great love, hope and care in a fair-trade market style in Medellin, Colombia. Your purchase of Amamanta helps provide income and job opportunities to the most disadvantaged people. These dolls are not made in an assembly line factory setting; instead each Amamanta doll is unique. Amamanta has created a needs-based model in which women are trained by their peers and work from their homes in a family setting. Two non-for-profit organizations work closely with Amamanta in the recruiting process so that (you and I can create) opportunities can be created to empower the people that need work the most. This way, although it could seem more difficult at times, we know that Amamanta is doing something “right” to help poverty in Colombia and providing a valuable tool for good parenting in our more affluent society. Act local, think global.

As per terminology goes, although my experience is that these type of anatomical dolls usually are referred as "anatomically correct dolls" popularly, it seems that the more logical and appropriate term is "anatomically detailed dolls". Makes sense since the non detailed dolls are not "incorrect", but purposely ignored according to the societal taboos of our place and time. There is nothing wrong "down there..." but "up here".


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