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Caucasian Stranger Dolls. Cloth set

Anatomically Detailed "Jack and "Jill" Dolls (AKA: Strangers)

These Anatomically correct dolls are quite different from our traditional Amamanta Family dolls. ‘Jack and Jill’ (aka ‘Strangers') dolls can represent extended family members such as uncles or aunts, or non-family members like "neighbors" or teachers.  Parents can use these anatomical dolls in role-playing to illustrate acceptable relating behavior between family members in contrast to boundaries among strangers. 

All Amamanta Family
 anatomically detailed
"mother" dolls
are pregnant!!!
They are birthing dolls. 
And a baby doll comes out of mommy doll to demonstrate how babies are born. With these dolls a parent can also show conception and breastfeeding.

Unlike our Amamanta Mother doll, this anatomically correct female doll (‘Jill’/‘Female Stranger’) is not pregnant.



Anatomically-Correct Hand-made Dolls

African-American Jack and Jill  Dolls
These dolls can represent any male or female that is present in the child's environment. Teachers, neighbors, uncles, aunts, extended family, etc. 


·      Ideal for ‘stepfather’ or ‘stepmother’ households

o       A high percentage of U.S. Households have one biological parent and a stepparent. Having a doll that looks like their biological father or mother could be very comforting for children. 

o       Children may be better able to adapt to their ‘stepparent’ household by role-playing with an adult that assures them that no matter what changes are coming to their actual living situation, they are still going to be loved... as always.


Anatomically Detailed “Jack” and “Jill” Dolls – (aka: ‘Strangers’)

The ‘Jack and Jill’ anatomical doll set can be used as character dolls by child therapists, pediatricians, child psychologists, and child advocacy centers. In addition, police officers, lawyers, child welfare professionals, child advocacy agencies and social workers could use these dolls in child testimony, child forensic interviews, court testimony and discovery involving suspected child sex abuse cases with children that are not quite skilled at verbalizing the facts.

You can also choose to use these dolls to represent neighbors, teachers, counselors, friends, nannies, babysitters, stepparents, aunts, uncles and other family members.

Amamanta ‘Jack and Jill’ dolls can be purchased in a set of two or individually.





·        Helpful in reinforcing the importance of the extended family

o       Parents can use the Jack and Jill Dolls to illustrate the family tree in a more visually compelling way

o       Family structure changes and family values can be discussed through interactive doll play

o       Long distance relationships, i.e. military parents or family going away, may be eased through the symbolism of having dolls representing family members within the child’s reach


 The Working Woman Doll for today's working families  

o      A working mother doll, that is not pregnant, dressed in business suit

o       Life-style,  and family values can be discussed through interactive doll play

o      An empowering role for tomorrow's woman in today's society.

Amamanta dolls are…

  ...anatomically correct (doll design includes breasts, genitals, pubic hair, and underarm hair).

    ...handmade with fabric material that is hypoallergenic and machine washable. Hand washing is recommended for all clothing including underwear and shoes.

  ...ideal for role-playing with kids and to help instill good family values at an early age.

See full collection of Anatomically Correct Amamanta Dolls
Mother and baby special connection demonstrated with Amamanta Family dolls



Educational dolls that come in different skin tones and races:
African-American dolls
Asian dolls
Black skin dolls
Brown skin dolls
Dark skin dolls
Hispanic dolls
White skin dolls


At Amamanta Family, we celebrate ethnic diversity and more than anything else, the good values that unite us all. Like our capacity to understand and respect each other, to feel compassion and to relate and share the experience of being a human being and the potentiality of becoming our best authentic selves.

Helpful in the general understanding of the human body.

African American anatomical doll family

Especially practical as a teaching aid in sex education.

  Anatomically detailed cloth dolls that can be purchased as a doll set or individually. The Amamanta Doll variety helps reflect alternative, adoptive and multiracial families.

  Representative of multicultural and racial diversity.

  Reflective of your our own family dynamics. You can customize your doll family set.



Designed to educate children about the beautiful human body, stimulate children’s creativity, build social skills, and encourage family interaction.  

Isn’t it better to have playtime with your precious ones than to sit in front of the television?

Amamanta's concept is family oriented. That's why they come in family sets. 
Customize yours so that it looks like your own family!

An excellent gift idea for Baby Showers, Birthdays, adoptive parents, and parents with newborns.

Suitable for children ages 3-9 and for use with youngsters and adults with learning disabilities or special needs.

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