The Newborn Baby Dolls 
Multiethnic Newborn Dolls. Hand-made Cloth babies

Anatomically-Correct Amamanta FamilyTM Baby Dolls

Anatomically Detailed Newborn Babies Cloth Dolls. Life size!

These newborn babies are anatomically-correct cloth dolls and in real life scale. They measure 17 inches tall and weight just above one pound. They approximate in size to a real baby.

Beautiful baby dolls help adults as well as  kids to learn infant care basics such as:

Sibling Rivalry

These infant dolls along with parental guidance can help in managing a child's expectations when a new baby arrives in the family. Amamanta infant dolls can be used to explain the newborn's  needs such as breastfeeding and diaper changes as well as how more of Mom's attention will be required. Using these newborn dolls can help ease the transition of an expanding family and therefore prevent sibling rivalry. It's an opportunity for your child to practice how to play and safely handle a new sibling, learn basic baby care and embrace the role of brother/sister. Kids can also be trained to help parents in the household as responsibilities expand when caring for an infant. 

Multiracial/Multiethnic Anatomically-Correct Newborn Baby Dolls at Real-Life Scale.

  • Anatomically detailed baby boy doll and baby girl doll

  • Real disposable diaper covers genitalia area: vagina, penis, anus

  • Soft and cuddly adorable baby dolls that come in different skin tones

  • Doll bodies are machine washable. We recommend baby doll clothes to be hand-washed.

Excellent educational tool to teach children about basic baby safety, care and grooming

Available in three skin tones: Light, Medium, Dark to represent: Caucasian baby doll, Hispanic newborn baby doll, and African-American newborn doll.

Comes with a adult-size sling for adult or a child to carry newborn on themselves.


Amamanta Newborn Doll


  • Baby doll weighs just above one pound

  • Height at 17”

  • Fully removable baby garments

  • Machine washable doll body

  • Hand washable clothes

  • Comes with adult size carry sling

  • Purchased individually or as a Boy and Girl newborn doll set

New! Amamanta Newborn Baby Doll – Ideal for ages 4-7

These life size dolls are ideal to prepare children when a newborn sibling is expected in the family, Children can begin to practice their big brother/sister skills so when the new baby in the family arrives they can transition into the caring sibling role more comfortably. By playing with and caring for the Amamanta Newborn doll, children can gain confidence in their sibling role and begin developing a sense of responsibility for another human being.

Parents can observe playtime with the Amamanta Newborn doll and guide their children for the appropriate holding and treatment of an actual newborn child.  Children can gain a better understanding of family roles and feel more connected to parents as they role-play with the Amamanta Newborn.  As more of the family’s focus will be on the new arrival, playing with the Newborn doll can help children cope with sharing the parental attention they receive with their new sibling. 

Other Uses:

Child Abuse Prevention and Infant Care

Child welfare advocates can use the Amamanta Newborn to educate and guide parents on the proper handling of infants. For example, this doll can be used to demonstrate proper feeding positions, gentle pats on the back for helping babies pass gas, and the ideal sleeping position to help avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  In addition, the doll can be used to illustrate proper holding and head support when moving babies from one place to another.  Furthermore, child safety advocates can use the dolls to warn parents about the violent nature of shaking a baby and its impact on the baby’s health. Never shake a real baby!

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

The Amamanta Newborn doll can be used as a baby prop in teen pregnancy prevention clinics.  For example, teens can be given the task of carrying the baby for a week and caring for it like an actual newborn so that they get a clearer understanding of the magnitude of responsibility and sacrifice that is involved in being a parent. Along with sex education and pregnancy prevention information, these dolls can be helpful in distinguishing facts from myths pertaining to the responsibility of caring for a baby.

All Amamanta Family
 anatomically detailed
"mother" dolls
are pregnant!!!
They are birthing dolls. 
And a baby doll comes out of mommy doll to demonstrate how babies are born. With these dolls a parent can also show conception and breastfeeding.


Infant Baby Doll 

African-American Grandparent Dolls

Anatomically- Correct 


 Educational Tool in Child Care

 Ideal for professional educators on the go, these light-weight baby dolls make them ideal for easy   transport in backpacks. 

·        Unique gift ideas:

  • For kids with new siblings. 

  • For educators, nurses, child care specialists, teenage pregnancy centers, child protection agencies, etc.

Amamanta dolls are…

  ...anatomically correct (doll design includes breasts, genitals, pubic hair, and underarm hair).

    ...handmade with fabric material that is hypoallergenic and machine washable. Hand washing is recommended for all clothing including underwear and shoes.

  ...ideal for role-playing with kids and to help instill good family values at an early age.

See full collection of Anatomically Correct Amamanta Dolls

Mother and baby special connection demonstrated with Amamanta Family dolls




Educational dolls that come in different skin tones and races:

African-American dolls
Asian dolls
Black skin dolls
Brown skin dolls
Dark skin dolls
Hispanic dolls
White skin dolls


At Amamanta Family, we celebrate ethnic diversity and more than anything else, the good values that unite us all. Like our capacity to understand and respect each other, to feel compassion and to relate and share the experience of being a human being and the potentiality of becoming our best authentic selves.

Helpful in the general understanding of the human body.


African American anatomical doll family

Especially practical as a teaching aid in sex education.

Anatomically detailed cloth dolls that can be purchased as a doll set or individually. The Amamanta Doll variety helps reflect alternative, adoptive and multiracial families.

Representative of multicultural and racial diversity.

Reflective of your our own family dynamics.
ou can customize your doll family set.



Designed to educate children about the beautiful human body,  stimulate children’s creativity, build social skills, and encourage  family interaction.  

Isn’t it better to have playtime with your precious ones than to sit in front of the television?

Amamanta's concept is family oriented. That's why they come in family sets. 
Customize yours so that it looks like your own family


An excellent gift idea for Baby Showers, Birthdays, adoptive parents, and parents with newborns.

Suitable for children ages 3-9 and for use with youngsters and adults with learning disabilities or special needs.

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